So Proud of My Daughter


What better way to start out a new blog than by singing the praises of my oldest daughter?  Because we both had the day off of school today, I took her out to see The Secret World of Arrietty which is also being called The Borrowers as it is based on the popular children’s book.  I’m a movie buff so it’s always fun when I get to go with my daughter and experience film through her eyes and it’s even better when that movie is something I want to see and actually good.  We’re Hayao Miyazaki fans in our house so a chance to see his take on this book was particularly intriguing.

As we’re waiting for the movie to begin, a promo telling people to be quiet and turn off their cell phones comes on.  It features the characters from The Lorax which comes out this year.  At the end of it, Danny DeVito (as The Lorax) comes on the screen and says something like, “and don’t forget to see The Lorax, only in theaters” and my daughter whispers back, “and in books.”


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