Getting Ready For ICE

One of my goals for this year was to be more creative.  I don’t mean that in a rainbows and unicorns sort of way but in the sense that I wanted to start creating more and consuming (a little) less.  I’ll write more about that goal some other time when I don’t have a bunch of impending deadlines looming on the horizon but one of the specifics of that goal was to take an active part in this years and future annual ICE conferences.  I’ve been going to them for a few years now but just to consume information, never to share what I know or believe.

This year, I’ll be presenting on both Thursday and Friday.  The Thursday session is called Stop Consuming and Start Creating and is being presented by myself and 2 of our more tech savvy 2nd grade teachers.  It’s an idea that’s been formulating in my head for a while after listening to countless people say that the iPad was a great consumer tool but not a good creative tool.  Since getting my hands on one and pushing them out into our classrooms, I’ve found that not to be true at all. Our session will focus on some of the ways we are creating content with and for the iPads in our classroom rather than relying on it for fancy and expensive flashcard apps.

On Friday, our school librarian and I will be presenting QR Codes: Bringing Children Beyond the Book. I’ve been playing around with QR codes for a couple years now but this year, inspiration has been particularly fruitful and this is a project we’re both very proud of.  We’ll touch on some other uses for QR codes in the building as well as time allows.

It will be a long day but I’m looking forward to it.


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