Grayhaven Comics

A lot of my current thinking on creativity started around this time last year when I finally bit the bullet and submitted a story pitch to Grayhaven Comics.  I’d read about them through some postings on the Bendis Board and was curious but nervous about the whole thing.  I dropped out of a creative writing class in high school 1 day after finding out we had to share our stories with the rest of the class.  But their open submission policy and new kid-friendly title intrigues me so I wrote up a short pitch, requested an artist and hit send.  That was back in May or June.  A little over a year later, my very first published comic book work will appear in The Gathering’s July issue.  I have no ambitions to become a professional comic book writer.  If those three pages are the only work of mine that ever see print, I’ll be a happy camper to finally have become a part of something I’ve loved for the last 30 years.  But it was a lot of fun and I’ll have another 2 page story out in early 2013 and just submitted 3 more pitches in the latest round of submissions.  I may have even roped another comic-loving friend to try his hand at a submission as well.


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