Catching Up

Late summer/early fall is always a hard time to work on those extra side projects (like this) that I enjoy but don’t pay the bills.  It’s not until early to mid October that things finally settle down a bit and I can get back to experimenting and philosophizing.  So what’s been going on?

  • Finished up my third session of Summer Wonders with a comic book class.  I was really looking forward to this one but it didn’t quite go as planned.  There was a lot of enthusiasm on the students’ part in the beginning but I think that waned pretty quickly when they realized how much writing was involved. It was difficult to get many of them to focus on writing a good story. There were some gems and I might try a retooled version of it again next year if there’s still interest.
  • Started my 13th (?) year teaching elementary school technology.  We’ve got some big plans this year with a mock election and hopefully some student presentations at SIT and TECH 2013 as well as the usual crazy stuff I try to convince my coworkers to try throughout the year.
  • LCCRC Presentation.  Along with 3 of my coworkers, I presented at the Lake County Curriculum Resource Council meeting in October.  It was a slightly expanded and retooled version of our ICE presentations on using iPads as creative tools from last year and I think it went well. The idea of presenting never held much interest for me until recently but now I’d rather present to a group of interested listeners than sit and listen all day long.
  • It turned in 2 of the 3 scripts I owe Grahaven Comics and found an amazing artist to work on one of them.  Don’t know when those will be published but I still owe one more which is due in December and won’t be published until December 2013.
  • My wife got a job and we bought a new couch.

Looking forward to sharing some new project ideas in the coming weeks.


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