Mock Elections

I’m sure most of the elementary schools across the country are holding some sort of mock election in 2 weeks and my school is no exception. I’m teaming up with our librarian and CIS to put ours together. We’re off to a late start as some of our plans were foiled before we could get started but we’ve regrouped and I think come up with some interesting stuff. Here are some bullet points for what we have planned.

  • An election committee made up of a small group of 4th grade students.  These guys will be running the show as much as possible. They’re going to write all our press releases, design all the posters, make some videos to be show in class, and design the registration forms and ballots.
  • Registration. Students will be required to register to vote and will receive a voter registration card.  Registration will be done electronically from school or home.
  • Electronic voting.  We’re going to be using Google Docs (forms) and iPads for our ballots.  We’ve already borrowed 6 cardboard voting booths from the county election offices and we’ll set up iPads in each one for students to use to vote.  Our student election team will hopefully be on hand all day to assist in the process and help our younger students vote.
  • We’ll also be modifying the ballot for our kindergarten students who don’t have an interest in some of the items on the ballot.

To avoid the kinds of discussions that can quickly become awkward in this day and age, we will not be voting on actual political candidates.  Instead we’ll be deciding the following issues…

  • A new logo for our mascot
  • A theme for a new spirit day
  • A choice of inflatables for field day

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