So this thing has been making the rounds on the Internet.  Don’t know if it’s real or not as a lot of these things are faked to drum up attention or discussion but let’s just assume it is.

I can see what the teacher is going for.  Despite what you’re read about teaching gender stereotypes (which it IS doing inadvertently) it’s a sorting lesson. I’ve done things like this in my own classroom but there are a thousand other topics he/she could have used to teach this lesson.  If my daughter had come home with this paper, here’s what would have happened…

  1. A call would have been made to her teacher and maybe the principal.  The very idea of this subject is inappropriate but to tell my daughter that the things she likes to do have to be labelled as “for boys” is despicable.
  2. The paper would be hung on the refrigerator. Maybe framed.
  3. We’d go out to Olive Garden for dinner (her choice, not mine) and maybe ice cream after.

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