Making Money Doing What I Love

No, not teaching, I already make money doing that.  I’m talking about comics.  I’ll admit that after just a measly 3 pages  in print, the thought of self publishing has rattled around in my brain but I’ve been reading comics long enough to know that self publishing is a passion project with odds of succeeding financially close to that of winning the lottery.

My dad asked me at dinner a few weeks ago about the prospect and I told him as much. Thankfully, someone with actual experience with a “successful” and fairly well hyped comic has been writing about it.

Jim Zub writes Skullkickers, a comic which I have not read but have heard a lot of good things about.  It was one of the early titles to come out in the tsunami of good books Image has been publishing this year.  He writes on his blog about the realities of making money in indie comics.

The Reality of Mainstream Creator-Owned Comics

Okay, But What About Digital Comics?

It all makes sense to me but I’m still not  a fan of digital comics, especially through apps like Comixology, at the same price point as print comics.  As someone in the comments section pointed out, you don’t actually own the files you are downloading. You’re renting them If Comixology pulls them from circulation, there’s a good chance that the files will disappear from your device.  No one ever seems to consider that Comixology might just got out of business at some point in the future and with files created specifically for their own reader, you’ll be left with a bunch of great comics and no way to actually read them.

I love the idea of digital; especially as I get older and don’t have as much time to read or as much room to store my print copies. When I was 13, I would read the same issue over and over again. Now I’m lucky to get through my weekly purchases just once.  At a lower price point, digital would save space and make me feel ok about sacrificing the permanence a paper copy provides.  I get that there are costs involved in digital which drive the price up to $2.99 or $3.99 but that doesn’t mean it’s a good value.


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