C2E2 Wrap Up

A lot of tech and teach and not a lot of geek and Dad going on here.  Let’s see if this post can rectify that.

This past weekend was C2E2, my comicon of choice for the last few years.  I was only able to make it on Friday and Sunday this year as Spring has also become birthday party season in our household. Saturday was filled with dance classes and a swimming party.  Sunday also had a birthday party but it was conveniently located downtown making it easy to get to the con when the party was over.

For the 2nd time, I brought my daughter, now 7, who doesn’t have much interest in comics but enjoys the con nonetheless.  Like most 7 year old girls, she’s really into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It’s one of the few comics she’ll read (or ask my wife to read to her since she does all the voices, I’m not as good apparently).  This meant required stops at the Pony tables in Artists Alley.  Katie Cook is always fun to visit and we got a couple of nice sketches from her as well as one from artist Amy Mebberson.  We still had some trouble finding the one issue of the series we’re missing but I can probably pick it up as a reorder at my LCS later on.

She was a little disappointed that she couldn’t get into the face painting session but had fun at the Aw Yeah drawing contest and doing some Star Wars origami.  Multiple trips to Disney have made her patient while waiting in lines but I still think a 7 year old girl shouldn’t have to wait for a half hour behind a bunch of grown men to get a sketch of her favorite pony.  Would love to see more opportunities for girls next year but my daughter still had a wonderful time and will be coming back next year.

The Loot…

  • 2 Pony Sketches (Amy Mebberson and Katie Cook).  No sketches for dad this year.
  • Aw Yeah Comics #1 and #2
  • An issue of Super Pets
  • G-Man #1
  • An issue of Superman Family Adventures
  • A nice Action Cat drawing from the drawing contest by Art Baltazar
  • Scene of the Crime, a nice hardcover edition of the book that first put Brubaker, Lark, and Phillips together.
  • Chew TPBs 1-6.  A series I criminally slept on when it was first released
  • A couple issues of The Massive I missed in the store.
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Micro Series #1
  • Mind MGMT Hardcover.  Got the first few issues in first printings. Hello eBay!
  • Mind MGMT 6-9 because my store stopped ordering more than a couple of copies a while ago.
  • Battle Pug.  Heard nothing but great things about this all ages book that opens with a naked (but covered) woman lying on a bed.

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